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Types of home insurance in America


Types of home insurance in America

Are you looking to rent or own a property in America and have not yet thought about the types of home insurance? Here we help you understand the types of home insurance coverage offered in America.

Types of home insurance in America

If you own real estate in America, you need to insure it. The house with its contents, buildings, garage, porch, front garden and other things are at risk of damage due to unforeseen dangers, such as fire, earthquake, water damage, vandalism, etc. That is why you must have adequate insurance to protect your home from such accidents.

Often, if you go to apply for a mortgage, you will most likely get home insurance coverage for this purpose, along with the loan. The annual premium will be stated as a percentage of your property value, and usually ranges between 0.03-0.05 percent of the property's original value.

Personal property insurance in America

We all have valuables that we always prefer to keep indoors because it is the safest place. These items range from money, credit cards, clothes, cell phones, laptops, jewelry and other collectibles.

There is a specific, albeit optional, cover to protect this personal property. With this optional cover, the insurance company pays compensation in the event your personal belongings and valuables are lost or damaged outside the home.

Various insurance companies offer this optional cover when you purchase a regular home insurance policy. Some also offer it as an insurance feature within their comprehensive home insurance plans.

Guaranteed Income Insurance

In the event that the tenant is late in paying the rent amount for one month or refuses to pay, this insurance gives you comprehensive coverage by paying the amount due in full.

Emergency Coverage Insurance

In the event that the tenant contacts you to repair something in the property, such as a faucet failure or a problem with a machine within the house, it is possible through this type of insurance to cover the maintenance fees in full or in part.

Types of real estate insurance for investors

The types of real estate investments vary between contracting, construction, building and renting, and each of them has specific insurance segments. When you know the types of insurance and the characteristics of each type, you can accurately determine your need, and a professional insurance broker can also be used to determine your needs.


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