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Information about fire insurance in the United States

Information about fire insurance in the United States

All modern buildings in America require the development of advanced and sensitive fire extinguishing systems, and the response speed of firefighting teams in some countries has become fast, but there are still countries that are not interested in imposing fire extinguishing systems on property developers or owners, not to mention that the response speed of firefighting teams in them , it may not be at the hoped-for level, so you must always be careful, the fire does not remain or scatter, and insurance against fire is very important, and it will compensate for a large part of the material damage, if not all.


Fire insurance in America

 Buildings have always collapsed on the heads of their owners and residents due to construction defects. It is no secret to anyone that cheating in building specifications, reducing iron content or reducing concrete, and negligence in security and safety procedures in buildings is normal in some countries.


Including countries where Americans own real estate since ancient times. Therefore, the investor should be keen to request an insurance policy for the building and its structure. This document compensates the investor for the financial damages resulting from the exposure of the building to structural damages that impede its use.


Compensation for damages caused by fire in the United States

The law indicates that the insurer is responsible for all damages arising from fire in America, and his obligation is not limited to damages directly arising from the fire, but also deals with the damages that are an inevitable result of that, especially the damage caused to the insured objects due to taking rescue means or to prevent the spread of the fire. He is also responsible for the loss or disappearance of the insured items during the fire unless he proves that this was the result of theft.


The insurer also guarantees compensation for damages caused by the fire, even if this fire resulted from a defect in the thing insured.


The insurer shall be liable for the damages arising from the unintentional error of the insured, and he shall also be liable for the damages resulting from a sudden accident or force majeure. As for losses and damages caused by the insured intentionally or fraudulently, the insurer shall not be liable for it, even if it is agreed otherwise.


The insurer is also responsible for the damages caused by the persons for whom the insured is responsible, regardless of the type and extent of their fault.

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