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How to insure a home in America


How to insure a home in America

Most global and regional laws do not require real estate owners to insure their homes, unlike health insurance in America and car insurance in America, and therefore it is believed that this insurance is optional and not necessary. But in fact, if you look at the amount you have invested in your home, you will know that you have a lot to lose in the event of an unexpected accident, hence the inevitability and necessity of obtaining home insurance.

How to insure a home in America

In the following lines, we will mention home insurance in America:


Home insurance covers many basic things, such as fire and theft insurance. Within the terms of the insurance, your priority is to provide protection and alternative in the event that your home and its contents are at risk.

Providing alternative housing

Before you start calculating the cost of renovating your home in the event of a fire or any devastating disaster, you must first secure an alternative home for your family to live in. Make sure that your home insurance provides you with the cost of the replacement home during the repair period, whether you are the owner or a renter.

Evacuation responsibility

If you live in a rented home, you may think that the landlord is responsible for paying for necessary accident repairs. Your belief is correct, unless you are responsible for endangering the home. If you are a renter, and you get home insurance, make sure that the contract includes providing a liability allowance in case something happens to the house during your stay.

Loss of rental value

If you benefit from, renting out your home, you can claim an allowance for the rental value during the period of carrying out the necessary repairs, if this is stated in the home insurance contract.

New alternative

Many home contents insurance contracts include repairing or replacing malfunctioning appliances and replacing them with new ones if the covered home is damaged. Make sure that the contract refers to replacing hardware or paying for a new device

The best real estate insurance company in America

The company proposes offers to its customers who wish to insure their property, whether owner or renter, as the “Our Home” offer for AXA against multiple risks offers many practical solutions to protect its customers against the dangers and damages they may be exposed to, including theft, fire, water leakage and even broken glass;

Advantages of real estate insurance companies in America

The insurance company provides 22 offers for the benefit of its customers that include many risks that can occur in your apartments or houses, or even outside the real estate that you have, the most important of which is water damage coverage, through which insurance covers the damages incurred by your houses or apartments, Where the insurance company pays the expenses of researching the leakage inside the housing, and in the event of freezing, it pays for the material damage incurred by fixed devices with a water impact, fixtures and non-ground channels.

In the event of theft and acts of sabotage, the insurance guarantees you the insured property against loss, as well as sabotage resulting from theft and even in the event of an attempted theft or acts of sabotage, but in the event of a fire or explosion, the insurance guarantees you direct material damages incurred by the insured property, whether caused in a way Direct from the fire or its beginning, or the damage caused by ignition, glow or just combustion, in addition to securing rescue operations and relief measures following a fire.


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