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How can I get health insurance in America

How can I get health insurance in America

In the United States you can get coverage through government (public health) insurance programs, get insurance through your business with help from your employer, or buy private insurance yourself, having coverage is the same as insurance. Both mean that you are protected from having to pay large medical bills.


How can I get health insurance in America


Are you eligible?

To be eligible for something means you can have something or have the capacity for something. The government will decide whether you and your family are eligible for government programs.


To determine if you qualify, they look at how much money you make or earn, how many children you have, and how old you are.


Health care for immigrants and refugees may be cheap or free, because you may not earn much money at first. You may be able to qualify for health care through a government program.



Medicaid is a public health program run by the state in which you live. The program provides insurance for elderly individuals, the disabled, children, pregnant women, and some low-income families. Some refugee families will get Medicaid when they first arrive in the United States.


If you are undocumented and your children are US citizens, they may be eligible for Medicaid.


Medicare in America

It is a program administered by the United States government that is a federal health insurance program for persons 65 years of age or older and some younger persons with disabilities. It also covers people with kidney disease (those with permanent kidney failure or requiring dialysis or transplantation).


Medicare and Medicaid service centers are the federal agency that administers Medicare. The program is funded partly by the Social Security taxes and Medicare expenses you pay on your income, partly by amounts paid by people receiving Medicare, and partly by the federal budget.

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