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Car insurance steps in America

Car insurance steps in America

You got your driver's license. Congratulations! Now you want to buy a car right. This is good because you will not be able to work or reside in America as it should without a car, especially in places where the workplace and shopping are far from the place of residence. Very brief envelope.


Car insurance in America

Will you understand and know the meaning of each word or phrase mentioned to you by the insurance company employee Or you found it in the agreement document that you signed between you and the insurance company. Many Arab immigrants are not familiar with the laws and terms of insurance companies.


Most of them know that they have partial or comprehensive coverage and that they will pay an amount, but how then to calculate that amount and what is the partial coverage? and comprehensive? All these questions we will learn about in this topic.


Car insurance steps in America

We will mention everything about car insurance in America:


Body injury liability

Literally, bodily injury liability will give you financial and legal coverage if you injure or kill someone while driving your car The insurance company employee will provide you with a series of numbers representing the amount of coverage.


Ranging from the lowest coverage of $5,000 and the largest coverage of $500,000. The more coverage you buy, the more you pay the insurance company، This applies to the types of coverage below, with a slight difference in the minimum and maximum price.


Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury

To cover the costs of medication for the injured passengers and the driver in your car, as well as if you were injured by a car while you were on the road.


Uninsured motorists coverage

It means insuring the car in the event of a collision with another car, the owner of which does not have insurance. This case applies to accidents during which the other party flees from the scene of the accident. At that time, he is considered as a driver without insurance or coverage.


Comprehensive physical damage

Covering the charges of repairing your car in case it was damaged due to other than collision accidents such as theft and fire; floods; Animals fall from a pole or tree.


Collision coverage

Financial and legal coverage in the event of a collision, whether with something or with another car, whether it was the fault or the fault of the other driver, but you must take into account that this type is limited to the financial value of the car in the market, so it is advised to cancel this coverage if the car is very old.


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