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Advantages of life insurance in America


Advantages of life insurance in America

Life insurance in America is a method that many resort to, as a safe way to protect against changes in the future, and these are the most important types of life insurance policies that can be resorted to if you want to follow this type of insurance.

Advantages of life insurance in America

In the following lines, we will mention the advantages of life insurance in America:

Individual life insurance

Individual life insurance includes all the policies that are issued on the life of one person or on the life of a very limited number of individuals with a certain connection, such as the documents issued on the life of a married couple or spouses and children together, or the documents issued on the life of the general partners in companies of persons, and the characteristic is The basic policies of individual life insurance in the health choice of the insured or insured.

Ordinary individual life insurance means insurance policies that are carried out on an individual basis and meet several other conditions, the most important of which are that the insurance amount is less than a certain minimum, the premiums for which are calculated on the basis of an annual premium.

Group life insurance

Group life insurance means that type of life insurance that covers a group of people who have a certain connection with each other, often a work link, or joining one professional union under one document. About the medical examination of the organs.

Inclusion of coverage for all members, or for a percentage not less than a certain minimum, 75% of them for example, and in all cases the number of group members should not be less than a certain minimum, 50 members for example.

Life and savings insurance

Under this contract, the insurance company pays the contracted amount to the heirs or beneficiaries in the event of the policy holder’s death, or pays the policy holder another contracted amount if he reaches the age of 65, for example, which is part of his pension.

Due to the different types of insurance contracted, the monthly premium/contribution that the policy holder pays to the insurance company according to the first type is much less than the premium he pays if he concludes a contract of the second type that includes savings.

The monthly subscription/monthly installment may be increased by adding any of the additional protection contracts such as (accidents and amputations, serious diseases, total and permanent disability) that entail additional obligations and costs.


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